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Each part or organ of the body has a particular mineral that corresponds to it. For example, the blood, iron; thyroid, iodine;  bones, calcium. If there is a deficiency of any particular mineral in the body a “dis-ease" of a particular organ will occur.

Since the topic is about diabetes, what organ has a dis-ease in its proper function that manifested the dis-ease of diabetes? The pancreas. What is the function of the pancreas?

The pancreas has two main functions:

  • an exocrine function that helps in digestion and
  • an endocrine function that regulates blood sugar.

Exocrine Function:

The pancreas contains exocrine glands that produce enzymes important to digestion. These enzymes include trypsin and chymotrypsin to digest proteins; amylase for the digestion of carbohydrates; and lipase to break down fats.

Endocrine Function:

The endocrine component of the pancreas consists of islet cells (islets of Langerhans) that create and release important hormones directly into the bloodstream. Two of the main pancreatic hormones are insulin, which acts to lower blood sugar, and glucagon, which acts to raise blood sugar. Maintaining proper blood sugar levels is crucial to the functioning of key organs including the brain, liver, and kidneys.

Diabetes is more so a manifestation due to the dysfunction of the endocrine function of the pancreas. These hormones are intelligent chemical messengers that travel throughout the body relating messages. For example, insulin is a messenger that sends messages to the cells to open and consume the glucose that flows in the blood. But when the pancreas is not producing any or enough insulin excess sugars circulates in the blood which causes major problems like diabetes.

Knowing all of that, let’s get down to the bottom line. The main objective is to restore the pancreas so it can do its main functions. Before that’s possible we have to identify which mineral corresponds to the pancreas because obviously there is a deficiency of that particular mineral.

Chromium is the mineral that corresponds to the pancreas. Therefore, to reverse the dis- ease of diabetes one must supply the body or the pancreas with natural sources that contains chromium.

The natural herbs that contains high concentration of chromium are:

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