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It is well known and taught to us that aging is the main factor of testosterone level declining. It is stated that age 30 begins the declining of testosterone. Although it may seem as if this is true but in fact it is total FALSE. 

Lets look at aging. Some age faster than others and some age slower than others. What determines their rates? The foods that are being consumed coupled with lifestyle. Even if you say genetics, it will always come back to food and lifestyle since they are the based of genetics. 

For instance, in the study of genetics, you have two main branches: (1) hereditary; and (2) variation 

Simply put, in biology, hereditary means same/passed-on. Variation means change/difference. The main factor that determines if the genetics will remain the same and be passed on from generation to generation or change and become something different is the FOOD that is being consumed and the nature of one’s LIFESTYLE (environment). 

Food and lifestyle are the main cause of testosterone level declining. Eating the dead corpse of animals, dairy, man-made vegetation, cooked vegetation, sugary drinks, processed food such as microwavable, sodas, bread, etc coupled with a sedentary lifestyle lowers your testosterone level. 

To boost or maintain your testosterone level you much eat raw (uncooked) God-created plant food as much as you can with exercise. Raw plant food contains the key to health, enzymes and complete nutrients. 

Coupled with raw food, certain medicinal herbs (food) can help accelerate the boosting process. To name a few, nettle root and pine pollen. (Testosterone Booster)

Not only does the synergy of these two herbs boosts the testosterone level by four-hundred time more than taking the herbs individually but nettle root contains compounds that act as natural "estrogen blockers" which is needed when taking pine pollen.

Raw pine pollen is one of the most popular supplements for increasing testosterone, naturally. This is because pine pollen is one of the few plants that naturally contains natural androgenic hormones, including plant based testosterone.

Pine pollen is the male sperm of the Pine Tree and is largely responsible for triggering the massive amount of new growth experienced each spring.

However, the important information that is not being told about taking pine pollen solely as a dietary supplement for an increase of testosterone is that the male hormone androstenedione has the potential to convert into estrogen, a female hormone. Pine pollen has a synergetic power with the nettle root, and when they are combined it prohibits the androstenedione conversion to estrogen. 

Although this substance deals with boosting male hormones women can incorporate this daily supplement as well, addressing their specific needs.

If you are looking to maintain or boost your testosterone level don’t look any further, Nuru Botanicals got you covered. We combined both herbs and encapsulated them. Purchase a bottle of Testosterone Booster today.

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