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Do Herbs Have A Conscience?

Do Herbs Have a Conscience?

Most of us westerners associate inanimate objects to have no conscience. In the order of creation every creature of creation was given a specific degree of knowledge, wisdom and understanding of themselves (and God) including herbs. Every creature of creation contains three kingdoms within them: conscience; mind; and soul.

As this being true, it is well known that us humans learn a lot from animals however, we can learn from herbs as well, even while they are in an inanimate state of being on this plane of life. The key to learning from their vast intelligence is to be still. Unlike animals, herbs speak a silent language only.

I learned this first hand in the dream state. In the genesis of my enlightenment, in the dream state various of wild edible herbs would have a discourse with me, explaining their reason of existence and healing benefits. I would take the knowledge that was given to me and apply it in the material state.

We have to understand when Man violated the "law of life" he took on the nature of the beast more than any other creature of creation. Therefore it is imperative that he learn from these other creatures including the herb, which is his food and medicine.

Medicinal herbs are well tapped in to energy. They vibrate at a high frequency which is why when they are consumed they give one healing. Nothing can give life or healing to another without having a Conscience, for the simple fact that the power of healing comes from Conscience.

It is always good practice to bless your herbs before using or consuming them in the effort of raising their vibration. Although they naturally vibrate at a high frequency, their frequency can be dimmed or lowered through the power of words and environment because they are impressive beings.

Speaking words of love, light and life to herbs helps raise their frequency and intensifies their healing properties through inspiration. Yes, we can inspire herbs as well through the power of the creator, The Word.

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