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In the year of 2020 while serving my federal prison sentence I notice a change in my energy level. I found myself wanting to take naps throughout the day which was unusual for me. This fatigue lasted for two months. I begin to get worried. Therefore I eventually had a blood test conducted. The lab test came back indicating that my iron level was abnormally low. 

As a person that believes in natural and holistic healing I refused to take the prescription drugs that were offered to me by the doctor. The doctor made me sign my signature on a document confirming my refusal. The doctor, nurses and even several inmates thought I was crazy for refusing to take the medication 

I knew something that the doctor, nurses and other inmates didn’t know. I knew which specific herbs to take that would reverse my anemia. 

Due to sticking to my principles, for three more months I suffered the terrible symptoms of anemia. I eventually was released from prison to home in July of 2020.

I immediately purchased a glass jar of sea moss gel and sarsaparilla root. As a long distance student of the late great Dr. Sebi, studying a lot of his material from prison, I knew sea moss and sarsaparilla contain high concentrations of iron. In fact, sarsaparilla root contains the highest level of iron out of all herbs.

I consumed two tablespoons of sea moss and drank two eight ounce cups of sarsaparilla tea each day. After one week, due to the way I felt and the change of energy, I knew I had reversed anemia. I was back being my high energetic self.

Several months later I had another blood test conducted. The results showed that my iron level was back to normal. 

For anyone experiencing a change of low energy, fatigue, tiredness, lightheaded, or dizziness go get your blood tested. These are symptoms of anemia. For anyone that is anemic, there is a good chance that you can reverse your condition by doing exactly what I have done, consume sea moss and sarsaparilla.

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