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Purple +


A herbal detox intracellular cleanse powder concoction containing ten medicinal herbs and two medicinal fruits. 



Red clover, tamarind, cascara sagrada, chondrus crispus (Irish "purple" sea moss), bladderwrack, yellow dock root, blessed thistle, rhubarb root, soursop leaf, moringa leaf, organic wild blueberry, huereque (not listed on the label)



Non-GMO, preservative free, no additives, gluten free, no soy, never irradiated, no dairy, no caffeine.

A COMPLETE MINERAL SOURCE due to the fact that it contains all of the 102 minerals that the body needs. 

Purple+ herbal detox powder removes harmful toxins at the cellular level. Since this is dealing on a cellular level, not only does the detox takes affect on a physiological level but mental, spiritual and emotional level as well. Therefore, this perhaps can change the way you dream, think, speak, and behave on a higher conscious level.

Other benefits:

Break up calcification in tissues, cleanse lymphatic system, aid in weight loss, remove acid, metals, mucus, and free radicals, improve digestion and bowel movements, remove gallstones and kidney stones, alleviate cravings, eats up excess body fat, strengthen bones, prevent and destroys cancerous cells, alkalize the blood, experience more lucid dreams, less emotional, and much more.


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As a dietary supplement, adults, (18+) apply one (1) teaspoon in eight (8) ounce cold, warm or room temperature water once per day, in the morning on an empty stomach (and do not consume anything until 1 hour later) for best results. Also for best results especially for a deeper cleanse and to lose weight eat more raw natural alkaline plant based food, a gallon of water per day, and eliminate meats and dairy. Once applied in water stir thoroughly.

This can be applied to fruit smoothies as well.

For Taste Purposes: purple+ is very strong, bitter and unpalatable. Therefore, to make it a little sweet and dim the bitter taste add the following ingredients: fresh squeeze key lime juice (1-2), vanilla extract (1/4 tsp.), agave nectar (1-2 tbsp.)


Net Weight - 8.33 oz.



This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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